Innosuisse Mentoring - canditates required!

The Innosuisse leading the successful mentoring tool , which was introduced by the CTI in 2013, continue to facilitate access to technology and research with the aim to SMEs.

Mentors help SMEs to develop their innovative potential. They analyze innovation projects, they moderate the start of cooperation with a suitable research partners and they also help to concretize an innovation project with a view to optimal promotion and the development of appropriate grant applications or optimize.

Mentors will be thematic competent and complementary to the regional and cantonal make innovation consultants. 

Innosuisse asks for assistance in finding suitable candidates, who could have an interest to exercise this function as a sideline.

The relevant information and documents for an application can be found on the website at the following link .

Successful candidates are certified by Innosuisse for a period of two years as Innosuisse mentors and out in a list on the Innosuisse webpage. SMEs can apply for three different service offerings (credits) in Innosuisse by an application form, and get right to one free assistance in the maximum amount of credit received.

Contact persons:

Marc Pauchard

Head of Cross-Promotion

Tel. +41 58 483 64 78

Alain Dietrich

Head WTT support and information transfer

Tel: +41 58 464 92 87

Barbara Pfluger

Scientific Associate, WTT support and information transfer

Tel. +41 58 462 06 96


Machine Learning Hotline

Machine Learning technology becomes more and more ubiquitous, yet businesses struggle with the felt complexity of the matter: what technology and products are readily available, what use cases can easily be solved, and what applications are rather a matter of a sophisticated R&D effort)

The Data+Service expert group Machine Learning Clinic offers a service hotline to the general public and especially SMEs: At regular "office hours", you can discuss your case with an expert in the field on the phone and get professional advice. We reserve 10 Minutes per case and serve callers on a "first come" basis. No appointment is necessary.

The Machine Learning Hotline is available every Thursday from 4:00-5:00 p.m. 

Please call +41 33 221 88 19.