Apart from direct membership benefits of the Alliance, members may profit of additional services that other members offer to the community. These services are in the nature of events, workshops, lab activities, offer expertise in a specialised area, and more. These services can be availed by other members (Industry & Academic) of the Alliance as per request. 

If you are interested in any of the following particular offering, please get in touch with us to learn about the next steps.

Data Innovation Workshop

Offered by Zühlke Engineering AG

Data-based methods and technologies such as Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence offer a rich basis for innovation of new products, processes, services and business models. However, in order to become a successful innovation, a new machine learning solution must provide real value for customers, i.e. it must meet a real need or provide an effective solution to a relevant problem.

In the offered Data Innovation Workshops, machine learning use cases as the basis for new solutions are systematically created and developed using a “business pull”-approach. Guided by business-savvy machine learning experts and consultants, companies develop 2 to 5 ideas for new solutions by means of the well-proven Zühlke innovation methodology.

The workshop addresses decision makers and domain experts from industrial Swiss Data Alliance member companies who feel that there is unused value in data from their organizations and/or open data, but who have not yet identified the “right” solutions for their businesses.

The workshop can be organised as per request starting from May 2017. Data+Service members who are interested in this activity please contact us for next steps.

Education Module on A|B testing and Data Driven Product Development

Offered by D|ONE Solutions AG

While Google and Amazon pioneered A|B testing as an engine for fast-paced product development and were successful because of it (The A/B Test: Inside the Technology That’s Changing the Rules of Business) it has become an indispensable tool for any sizable internet and mobile companies. Applications of A|B testing run from evaluating designs, logos, email or social media campaigns to wording, algorithms (e.g. think of recommendation from Netflix or matching algorithms at Uber) or pricing decisions.

This course's focus is on how to design the task, what metrics to optimize for and how to analyze the results. We will look at case studies of A|B testing at Amazon, why Google does not rely (exclusively) on live results when evaluating search ranking experiments and how Netflix tries to optimize for a single northstar metric. A|B testing is a simple but effective tool for establishing a causal relationship between product changes and the impact on business metrics, but there is a minefield of errors that can easily invalidate the outcomes, or worse, arrive at incorrect conclusions.

The workshop can be organized per request. Data+Service members who are interested in this activity please contact us for further steps.

Target Audience: Data Scientists, Product Managers, Software Engineers in Web and App Development

Biography: Dr. Jürgen Schwärzler worked for the last 10 years as a Data Scientist for Google, Netflix and Uber supporting software development teams with Decision Support through performance measurement and A|B testing. He holds a PhD in Applied Statistics from University of Vienna.

The workshop can be organised as per request starting from July 2018. Data+Service members who are interested in this activity please contact us for next steps.

Education Module on Data Experience and Visualization

Offered by D|ONE Solutions AG

Data+Service Alliance offers workshops on Data Experience and Visualization 

Data stories: from inMemory to inMind.

Data stories & visualizations are very powerful tools for transporting and anchoring information. Why are they so powerful? What’s needed for having impact?

Valuable data insights can only be effective if the target group is reached and the target group understands the message (internally and/or externally). We call it: the data findings have to overcome the last mile to the receiver.

This workshop will show how data stories are developed, what is needed to make them easy to understand and how the elements of each visualization - Content/Story, Data, Form & Goal -  have to interact so that messages develop the full impact.

The workshop can be organized as per request starting from August 2017. Data+Service members who are interested in this activity please contact us for further steps.

Workshop on dynamical resource optimization strategies. 

Offered by Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG

How to successfully implement digital optimization strategies? Which untapped potentials are there in my organization and how can I use them with flexible and tailor-made solutions?

Many employees desire more and more time flexibility and activities that match their personal profiles and goals. Companies, on the other hand, are faced with the challenge of meeting this demand with labor supply and using optimization potential with dynamic solutions. How can demand peaks be covered efficiently in dynamic planning? Which applications simplify the planning? Can an algorithmic planning engine optimize and improve personnel deployment?

In a one-day workshop we will address the exact challenges in your organization. We will thoroughly analyze possible uses of algorithmic optimization solutions together with our experts. We will show you ways to apply them in your organization using concrete examples, insights into the Aspaara Fast Prototyping approach and operating principles behind the Aspaara MatchingCore engine.



Potential applications, basic operations and limitations of algorithmic and dynamic optimization solutions in your organization will be identified and evaluated. The necessary steps to successfully use these solutions will be assessed together with our experts.



The course is aimed at executives and employees in executive positions in personnel planning, digitization and IT strategy.



The workshop is tailored to the needs and desires which we determine and define together in advance. We assemble our team of experts on an individual basis. The workshop will take place in Technopark Zurich. The course materials, meals and drinks are included in the price of CHF 900 per person. We are also open for visits to your company (catering and drinks cannot be provided in this case). The workshop usually lasts from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. On request, a half-day workshop (9:00 am to 12:30 pm) can be booked for a price of CHF 550 per person. For members of the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services we offer a 50% discount.



Email:  workshop@aspaara.com

Website:  https://www.aspaara.com/workshop/

Innovation Bootcamp on Predictive Analytics

Offered by LeanBI

Data+Service Alliance offers for members workshops conducted by LeanBI to work out concretely the implementation of IoT and data driven applications in their real life situations.

The range of those workshops reach from product and process optimization via digitalization up to development of new digital business models.

Focus is on data visualization and modelling with algorithms, in the concrete application in the specific environment.

For prototyping, also the LeanBI Data Analytical platform is available for such applications, but the results are general, and will not be restricted to a specific software platform.

​The workshop can be organised as per request starting from April 2017. Data+Service members who are interested in this activity please contact us for next steps.

Robotics Technology for Practical Implementations

Offered by F&P Personal Robotics

Access to Robotic Technology for practical implementations in the field.

​F&P Personal Robotics is specializing in robot applications which focus on interactions with humans for two markets:

- collaborative industrial robotics

- personal service robotics

Therefore, robot-human communication and context related actions are a permanent topic. Also, learning to adapt the robot's behavior to wishes and habitudes of people are of crucial importance.

All this requires large data processing at sensoric as well as database levels.

F&P can provide: 

  • access to collaborative robotic technology including established user interfaces

  • sensorics on robot arm and end tools

  • learning technologies based on sensor data fusion

  • integrated language understanding and production in different languages

  • a set of skills which the robot P-Rob® is able to perform

F&P is committed to organize a workshop once per year for interested persons and institutions. In addition, individual requests to avail the F&P robot technology can be agreed upon bilateral agreements.  

Service Design Workshop

Offered by Swiss Mobiliar

Offer Service Design Workshop to members of the Alliance. 

​Information regarding the workshop can be found here. 

Sustainable Recruitment Workshops

Offered by Rockstar Recruiting

Value proposition Some of the biggest challenges for companies, who depend on recruiting top tech talent are (1) insufficient access to qualified professionals, (2) losing potential and fresh hires to competing enterprises and (3) retaining the right applicants during the processes.

The Sustainable Recruitment Workshops will help members:

• Increase number of applications from highly qualified Tech Talent by optimizing both passive and active recruitment channels

• Increase efficiency of recruitment processes: Filter candidates more effectively, identify high-potential candidates earlier

• Reduce drop-out rate of viable candidates by optimizing written and verbal correspondence

• Improve the way you work with recruitment agencies: what to consider, how to separate the good from the bad

Find more information here

To book a workshop, get directly in touch with Justus Spengler  (Founder & Partner | +41 78 608 90 90 | js@rockstar.jobs)

W3C Semantic Web & Linked Data Stack education

Offered by Zazuko

Linking Data with Graph Databases & the Semantic Web

Data often resides in multiple, disconnected silos. This creates unnecessary duplication of data and hides valuable information. By using the W3C Resource Description Framework standard RDF, one can expose siloed data in a graph. RDF graph databases allow powerful interaction with the data by using the SPARQL graph query language.

Data+Service Alliance offers workshops for members conducted by Zazuko GmbH to learn about RDF, the Linked Data technology stack and its query language SPARQL.

The one day workshop is split into two parts. In the first part participants learn about the motivation and features of the technology and what kind of problems can be addressed with it. It is compared to models like relational databases and NoSQL and explains how existing systems and their data can be integrated and exposed as a graph. Basic concepts of schema and ontologies are explained.

The second part is hands-on, participants will transform existing data to RDF and learn basic querying with SPARQL to reveal interesting facts in data sets. It will close with an overview of both open source and commercial software solutions and show how RDF integration in common programming languages looks like.


- Semantic Web

      - history of the web

      - motivation and challenges of the semantic web

      - technology stack

      - relational databases vs NoSQL vs graph databases

- Resource Description Framework RDF

      - basic concepts & serializations (Focus on Turtle & JSON-LD)

      - multiple languages support

      - linked data concepts

- Schema and Ontologies

      - Basic concepts

      - Introduction to the most important schemas and ontologies


      - introduction to the graph query language SPARQL

      - advanced features (basics only)

      - federation (querying decentralized data)

      - text search (Solr & Lucene based search)

      - geospatial search

      - graph traversals

      - Tooling

      - Integration of existing data sources

      - SQL based solutions with R2RML

      - CSV & Excel with CSV on the Web

      - XML & JSON

      - Proprietary solutions like SAP

      - Common programming languages

      - Overview & links to libraries

      - RDF Triplestores

      - Overview of both Open Source and commercial solutions

      - Scaling & performance considerations


- [Zazuko](http://www.zazuko.com/)

- [RDF](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_Description_Framework) in Wikipedia

- [Linked Data](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data) in Wikipedia

- [SPARQL 1.1 Specification](https://www.w3.org/TR/sparql11-query/)


Workshop with international experts

Offered by PwC

After significant improvements in machine learning methods in academia, business can now generate value from implementing scalable solutions. Analytics offers the opportunity for significant innovation in operations, corporate functions (accounting, tax, etc), and product design and development.

Data+Service Alliance offers for members free workshops conducted by PwC to create innovative data-enabled business cases and develop solutions for use cases depending on advanced analytics. 

Depending on the task at hand, PwC will reach out to industry experts for instance in financial services, manufacturing, and retail & consumer to facilitate the discussion. Our digital experience center provides an environment which enhances creativity and interaction.

Structuring the problem at hand and identifying the best approach to solve it benefits from access to deep experience in the field of data analytics. PwC offers the support of our experts, also bringing in external knowledge from renown research institutions (e.g. Fraunhofer Institute) and PwC's global network.

​This service can be availed as per request made to the Data+Service Alliance. Members who are interested in this workshop, please write to us so that we can initiate the organisation of the workshop.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Term extraction out of text corpora (*)
  • Creation of a thesaurus with extracted terms (*)
  • Thesaurus Maintenance with SKOS Shuttle (*)
  • Thesaurus Operating for Search Refinement (**)
  • Advantages of RDF thesauri – Knowledge Governance (**)
  • RDF and Blockchain – Practical Use Case

(*) Exercises (**) Theory with demos

For more information on this or to organise this, please contact us.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Legacy Data vs. RDF Data (**)
  • RDF vs Linked-Data vs Knowledge Graphs
  • RDF and Logics (data and inference) (**)
  • RDF creation tools (a selection) (**)
  • Linked-Data workshop (*) – Create RDF
  • Data-gaps / Thesauri (**)

(*) Exercises (**) Theory with demos

For more information on this or to organise this, please contact us.