Imagine there is a secure, anonymous and trustable way to integrate data from various systems, exchange the data and extract synergetic value from data among different, even competing organization. We could call such data “Trusted Data”, and we would need new approaches like smart anonymization, data versioning and certification, a common data language and advanced cyber security, to realize this vision.

This concept of an independent and secure data platform aligns on the “Industrial Data Space”, currently under co-development by the Fraunhofer Society and the large corporations in Germany. The Expert Group focusses on finding and sharing solutions around Trusted Data, tackling typical issues such as the following:

Data integration: Lack of a joint data model that data experts understand, and that data experts can manage and develop in an intuitive language with only little involvement of IT.

Data governance: Lack of control over data versions, including all dependencies with different entities and source systems. As an example the group may investigate where companies could find a balance between the value generated by exchanging data with others (e.g., value from developing more reliable predictive models due to more accessible data), and the associated impact of leaking trade secrets (or in other terms, how to avoid leaking trade secrets from exchanging data). Both, academic research and corporate innovation projects will contribute to answer this question.

Data sharing: Lack of a common data language amongst teams, systems, and organizations. Substantial efforts are required to make data sources compatible and non-trivial conversions are necessary to aggregate items of different granularity. Smart access rules and anonymization algorithms are key enablers for trustful data exchange.

Most users of data today, both inside and within third party organizations, assume the data items they use for processing, decision-making, internal and external reporting, or potentially sharing to be of adequate quality. However, in most enterprises, system integration lacks behind the mentioned requirements thus hampers value creation. This Expert Group sets out to tackle these issues from a conceptual basis to very concrete implementations.

Academic leader: David Wannier, HES-SO Valais, 

Industrial Leader: Christian Spindler, Data Ahead Analytics,