We are the Swiss Smart Maintenance Network. Our network consists of industry experts and researchers from Swiss companies and universities who develop and employ intelligent maintenance systems, machine-learning based maintenance methods and smart services related to the maintenance of assets and infrastructure. Our network’s goal is to promote Smart Maintenance product and service developments in Swiss companies. Our events help keep our members up to date with the latest developments in Smart Maintenance applications and research. We promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences between our members to support them and their projects. Our network events offer a platform for a professional network of experts in smart-maintenance related product and services in Swiss industry and research institutions. We also provide support with Innosuisse innovation funding to our members. The network events are lead by Dr. Angela Meyer and Dr. Thomas Palmé as academic and industrial leads. To join upcoming network events please contact Dr. Angela Meyer, angela.meyer@zhaw.ch.

Academic leader: Dr. Angela Meyer, ZHAW, angela.meyer@zhaw.ch

Industrial leader: Thomas Palmé, General Electric, thomas.palme@ge.com

Upcoming Events:

Recent Events:

Expert Group Smart Maintenance Event (21.01.2020):

Our keynote presentation focusses on “Condition-based Maintenance and Resistance to Change” at the German engineering company Heidelberger Druckmaschinen. Hanna Sotnikova of USU project partners will present the solutions and experiences made as part of this comprehensive digitalization and smart maintenance project. We also look forward to Work in Progress discussed by Lee Sacco of Oracle, followed by an Apero afterwards.

3:30 pm Welcome & Introduction

3:45 pm “Heidelberger Druckmaschinen: Condition-based Maintenance and Resistance to Change”, presented by Hanna Sotnikova (USU)

4:30 pm Work-in-Progress, presented by Lee Sacco (Oracle)

4:50 pm News & Outlook

Predicitive Maintenance Expert Group Event (19.11.2019):

This networking event will feature two talks on current smart maintenance initiatives at Post CH and Amberg Group. The talks are followed by an apéro with plenty of networking opportunities.

New! The second part of the event will be dedicated to a Work-in-Progress Session, a workshop session for discussing Smart Maintenance challenges of individual participants.

3:30 pm Welcome & Introduction 

3:45 pm ”Predictive Maintenance at Post CH” and “Deep-learning for Tunnel inspections at Amberg Group”, presented by Marc Tesch of Lean BI

4:30 pm Work-in-Progress Session followed by Apero around 5 pm


2:30 pm Meet-an-Expert