In collaboration with the National Research Programme NRP 75 “Big Data”.

The National Research Programme NRP 75 “Big Data” provides foundations for the effective and 
appropriate use of big data. The projects focus on computing and information technology. They deal 
with the effects on society as well as on big data applications in various areas of society.

In November 2020, three match-making events will be held to enable possible collaborations 
between NRP 75 projects and representatives of the industry. Short pitches of the projects will focus 
on technology transfer and will be followed by poster sessions to answer questions, make contacts, 
and exchange ideas.

The second match-making event will take place in Lausanne (Gotham Gare) on 19.11.2020 from 
13:00 - 17:00.

If this date doesn't fit other match-making events will take place in Zurich on 10.11.2020 and in 
Lugano on 24.11.2020 (always in the afternoon).

Attendees of the events receive information about the participating projects in advance, so that the 
preparation for a qualified feedback is possible.

Participation is free of charge — but the number of places is limited!

For registration please write an email (Name, affiliation and position – and date when you will 
attend) to