In regard to the Corona virus the meeting has been postponed until further notice.

Location: ELCA Informatik AG, Flurstrasse 62, 8048 Zürich


We currently have one talk scheduled (see details below). Is there anyone else from the group who wants to give a talk or present a use case?

If more people want to join, feel free to fill out the doodle for March 20, 2020:


Talk 1:

Title: Towards environmental friendly infrastructure for data science and AI

Christoph Buchli, Helio

Abstract: When talking about sustainability in the context of digitalisation, there is usually not a lot of facts or specific action involved. In this session, Christoph will give a short overview on the pillars of sustainable digital infrastructure and propose actionable steps to achieve this important goal. In the spirit of hands on action, he'll outline a roadmap towards truly sustainable infrastructure for data science appliances in Switzerland and hopefully inspire action to get started today!

Bio: In his 15 years as a Systems and Software Engineer, Christoph has always taken issue with how painful it is and how irresponsibly we tend to use digital products and infrastructure. After an extensive detour into the world of Blockchain during his Software Engineering Master's Thesis, he decided to finally do something about it and founded Helio together with his long-term friend Kevin.



Talk 2:

Title: Technical setup for analytics projects – current examples at Migros and discussion on best practices

Bojan Skerlak, Migros Genossenschaftsbund

Abstract: The data science team at Migros is working on a wide range of projects from simple ad-hoc analyses to full-fledged data products. As Migros becomes more data-driven, the integration of data products into business processes and existing IT systems becomes a crucial success factor and a formidable challenge. In this session, Bojan will discuss the various setups used in recent and ongoing analytics projects at Migros and focus on the challenge of choosing the right architecture. Inputs/suggestions from the expert group are very welcome!

Bio: After entangling photons in a quantum optics lab and crunching big data on supercomputers for numerical weather prediction, Bojan joined the data science team at Migros in 2015 where he currently focuses on leading the technical aspects of analytics projects. Programming humanoid robots as a freelancer is a neat side-gig to spice things up.