Expert Group Meeting - Machine Learning Clinic

Location: at the premises of la Mobilière in Bern, Bundesgasse 35 (5-10 minutes from the main train station by walking)


- Welcome

- ML@Insurance (overview & 2 open problems, la Mobilière)

- t.b.d. (either interesting talk or practical challenge to the group)

- Leadership window: change in academic co-leader and outlook/shaping of next year

There is still an opening for a second technical input for the meeting, gladly fitting to the day's topic of ML@insurance (either presenting an interesting new development in ML with application in finance/insurance, or posing a problem from these areas to the group). We invite you to propose anything you think might be interesting to the group and prompting inspiration & collaboration.

Please register via email to either Michel Benard or Thilo Stadelmann, and also indicate if (what) you want to contribute to the free slot.