Use-Case Talks Series - Best Practices in Data Science Projects

08. May 2019 - 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Use-Case Talk Series: Best Practices in Data Science Projects 08.05.2019 Zurich Technopark (hosted by Aspaara Algorithmic Solutions AG) What are the best practices in Data Science projects? We will gather and share knowledge about reproducibility of results, practical guidelines for data acquisition, algorithm development, computational analysis and how to organise data science tasks in a modular manner. Besides technical practices we also touch business related ones: How to define key quest...

Expert Group Meeting - Predictive Maintenance

10. May 2019 - 02:00 PM - 05:45 PM
On behalf of the industrial and academic leaders of our group, I am pleased to invite you to our first meeting of this year. The topic is deep learning for predictive maintenance. We will have Distran presenting their handheld sensor that overlays video and acoustic information, and ZHAW Prof. Dr. Thilo Stadelmann who will talk about deep learning use cases in the industry. The date is May 10th, starting at 14hrs. The location of the meeting is TL 202 at ...

Match-Making Event

14. May 2019 - 01:30 PM - 05:00 PM
We are happy to announce the 2nd Data+Service Alliance Match-Making Event, to be held on May 14, 2019 from 1:30pm to 5:00pm, at FFHS, Althardstrasse 60, Regensdorf. The objective of this event is to bring together specific collaboration ideas from Academic and Industrial members, to sharpen them in a joint discussion, and to find best fits amongst the participating experts. The idea of this program is to push new ideas forward, set up projects and create tangible innovation. The event wil...

Service Lunch mit SBB

16. May 2019 - 11:45 AM - 01:15 PM
Es hat noch Platz! Register here! 16. Mai 2019  11.45h – 13.15h ZHAW Zurich, Lagerstr. 41 (next to Zurich HB) Room ZL E0.11 Volle Züge und schlechte Kundeninformation! Zwei sich stets wiederholende Kritiken, welche an die SBB gerichtet werden. Die SBB versucht, mit mehreren Projekten diesen Kritiken zu begegnen. Das Projekt «wagenscharfe Belegungsprognose» ist ein Beispiel, wie mit intelligentem Einsatz von Daten ein Service entwickelt wurde, der sowohl zu einer Verbesserung der Aus...

Expert Group Meeting # 4 on Spatial Data Analytics

13. June 2019 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Spatial Data Analytics Expert Group Meeting #4:     Location: BFH (Brückenstrasse 73, Bern)     Topic: Upcoming Datasets     Date: 13.06.2019 (vor dem Spatial Data Day)     Registration: folllows

GeoSpatial Data Day 2019 (Pre Conference event of SDS2019)

13. June 2019 - 12:00 PM - 07:00 PM
The Pre-Conference of SDS2019 will take place on Thursday, 13.06.2019 at the University of Applied Sciences of Berne. This half day event is aimed at providers of geodata, providers of innovative solutions as well as non-geocentric companies which might benefit of geodata analytics for their core business. The GEOSpatial Data Day is organised in cooperation with the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services, the national innovation network sponsored by Innosuisse....

6th Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS2019)

14. June 2019 - 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM
We are happy to announce the 6th Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS2019) in continuation of what has successfully started with the past events. SDS2019 brings together opinion-leaders, practitioners, decision-makers and researchers with interest in Data Science. The goal is to foster the exchange of ideas specifically for the Swiss market and to sustain the community of Data Scientists in Switzerland. Get access to trends, innovations, and technologies that you can directly use for the...

Expert Group Meeting - Machine Learning Clinic

24. June 2019 - 04:00 PM - 06:30 PM
Our next meeting will take place at CSEM in Neuchatel on June 24, 2019 from 4pm to 6:30pm followed by an apero.  The agenda is in the making and we invite you to send your suggestion for a presentation or a use-case.  Send your suggestions to: or or More information will be updated here shortly. 

3. Konferenz Perspektiven mit Industrie 4.0

04. September 2019 - 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wie kann die Produktionsplanung mit den neuen Möglichkeiten der Digitalisierung heute besser gestaltet werden? Welche Ansätze gibt es und wie lassen sich diese konkret umsetzen? Referenten von führenden Schweizer Unternehmen und Hochschulen präsentieren ihre Erfahrungen mit realen Umsetzungsschritten moderner Planungs- und Steuerungsansätze. Traditionell ist in vielen Betrieben die Produktionsplanung und -steuerung mit viel manueller Arbeit verbunden. Die steigende Marktdynamik erfordert ständ...

4th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Industry

05. September 2019 - 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
We would like to welcome you to the «4th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Industry», hosted by the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Physics (IAMP) and the Institute of Data Analysis and Process Design (IDP) at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Winterthur, Switzerland. For more informations, click here.

CLEF Conference 2019

09. - 12. September 2019 - 12:00 AM - 11:00 PM
CLEF 2019 is the 10th CLEF conference continuing the popular CLEF campaigns which have run since 2000 contributing to the systematic evaluation of information access systems, primarily through experimentation on shared tasks.  Building on the format first introduced in 2010, CLEF 2019 consists of an independent peer-reviewed conference on a broad range of issues in the fields of multilingual and multimodal information access evaluation, and a set of labs and workshops designed to test diffe...