Successful “Service Lunch” with SBB on May 16, 2019 / Expert Group Smart Services

11. June 2019
Some 20 guests attended last week’s Service Lunch of the expert group “Smart Services” to find out how the SBB utilizes data and information to guide passenger behavior and improve the customer experience during the train journey. As part of the SBB’s initiative to promote clever commuting, Roger Krähenbühl presented a challenge the SBB is facing: Passengers tend to occupy certain carriages, leaving other carriages, especially at the front and the end of the train, underused. This uneven distri...

Highlights from the 5th "Blockchain in Supply Chain Management" Expert Group meeting

26. April 2019
Our 5th meeting of the expert group “Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management” took place in the vibrant Blockchain Hub Trust Square located in a wonderful building in the Bahnhofstrasse Zurich. The first speech was given by Malik El Bay from the think tank Dezentrum (Trust Square resident) on a project in the food supply chain. The project was conducted together with Foodways and the University of Zurich and was supported by the BLW (Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft). The expert group disc...

“The making of……” A toolbox for service-oriented business models

01. April 2019
- by a member of the Expert Group “Smart Services” Get insights from a member of the expert group “Smart Services” in this video. “The making of…….” an applied  research project: The film that was shot at the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the „Institut für Betriebs- und  Regionalökonomie (IBR)“ at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts - School of Business, documents how the fruitful cooperation with pistor, a SME located  in central Switzerland, came about. T...

Highlights from the 9th Machine Learning Expert Group Meeting

18. February 2019
The 9th Machine Learning Expert Group Meeting was held on February 12, 2019 at SAP in Regensdorf. About 30 participants attended from industry (SAP, Swisscom, Pax, SBB, ELCA, Google, D-One, Mobiliar, Wincasa, Siemens, etc.) and academia (CSEM, ZHAW, HSLU, FFHS, etc.). First, Dr. Sean Kask, Senior Expert & Business Developer, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, SAP (Switzerland) AG, gave a presentation on Machine Learning for Business at SAP, and introduced the audience to several Machine Learnin...

Highlights from the 4th meeting of the expert group Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management

30. January 2019
Our 4th meeting of the expert group “Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management” was hosted by Migros Logistics Transport. In a first speech the blockchain-startup Ambrosus explained us there approach to a blockchain-based supply chain management, whereas Migros in the second part provided us insights into their encounters with the digitalization of the supply chain and blockchain technology. Stefan Meyer from Ambrosus presented us his view on the blockchain technology in supply chai...

"Smart Services" Service Lunch : Innovating Healthcare through Mobile Data and Predictive Analytics

30. January 2019
Last week’s Brown Bag Lunch was dedicated to databased services in healthcare. Two industry experts from medical technology and health IT presented innovative applications for databased services. In front of some 30 guests, Matthias Mohler, Head of Analytics Consulting of Swisscom, presented Swisscom’s data-analytics approach. The case of an anonymized psychiatric clinic showed that one of the key hurdles of data-analysis remains the quality and standardization of data. A first step to any data...

Updates from the Data+Service Alliance General Assembly on Nov 8th 2018

27. November 2018
2 weeks back we held our 2nd General Assembly for the year 2018. The assembly was located at the OBC Suisse center in Zurich, close to the Zurich main train station. We had about 30 participants and 2 guests. The members decided on next year’s budget and updates of the Business Regulations. In terms of budget, we expect a significant increase of revenues for next year, due to both a significant growth in members, and an increase in sponsorship revenues for our flagship event, the Swiss Data Sci...

Use-Case Talk Series on Artificial Intelligence 31.10.2018!

13. November 2018
This was a great event! Industry, academic and individual members enjoyed in-depth technical discussions about recent technical developments in the Use-Case Talks Series on Artificial Intelligence.  Prof. Dr. Thilo Stadelmann (ZHAW School of Engineering) shared his insights on the DeepScore Project, Dr. Lucas Fievet (Logic-Flow) showed an application that automatically translates computer code, and Dr. Christian Spindler (PwC) presented recent progresses in assessm...

Highlights of Expert Group Meeting Smart Services, Service Lunch “Towards a Data-driven Company”

29. October 2018
October 24th 2018, Zürich The data driven company is a combination of mindset, skills, infrastructure and the capability to rapidly adapt business models. In his fascinating presentation, François Rüf, head of data and machine learning at Vontobel, presented how they are approaching these challenges. The presentation made it clear that a broad range of methods is required for successful implementation. In particular, next to technological approaches like cloud, automation, IoT etc., creating s...

Highlights on the recently held "Data Ethics" Expert Group Meeting

04. October 2018
Last week, we had a meeting of the Expert Group Data Ethics in Bern, hosted by Mobiliar. Main topic was the discussion on how to proceed with the development of our “Ethic Codex” for commercial data usage – it is the goal of the Expert Group to create such a codex as a guideline for companies using data for doing business. The “Ethic Codex” will include the legal requirements, but will complement them with additional aspects, if we feel that just fulfilling the legal minimum could be not enough ...

Highlights on the recently held "Blockchain in Supply Chain Management" Expert Group meeting

03. October 2018
On Thursday 13th of September, the 3rd meeting of the expert group “Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management” took place. More than 20 experts came together at the co-working space TGIM in Zurich to discuss the BFE-funded blockchain project “Quartierstrom”. The expert group hosted Alain Brenzikofer from Supercomputing Systems AG who gave valuable insights into the research project: In his presentation, Alain explained the organizational structure of the project and outlined ho...

Presentation at the International Conference on Exploring Service Science (IESS 1.8) by the expert group “Smart Services"

26. September 2018
How to leverage data in the process of service innovation? How to make the innovation funnel converge faster and how to become more effective in the development of innovative services? The expert group “Smart Services” sheds light on these questions by the paper entitled “End-to-End Methodological Approach for the Data-Driven Design of Customer-Centered Digital Services” by Jürg Meierhofer and Anne Herrmann. The presentation of the paper at the IESS 1.8 conference by Jürg Meierhofer a...

Highlights on conference "Perspektiven mit Industrie 4.0"

26. September 2018
Under the motto "Learning through examples", the conference on 5th September highlighted viable perspectives for Swiss SMEs. On the basis of concrete implementations, representatives of companies and universities showed what is possible today and reported on their experiences. This showed ways in which companies can take the next step in the implementation of digitalisation. The conference focused in particular on the question of how to develop new products and services in a digitalised world. ...

Highlights on Alliance's first Match-Making event

17. September 2018
Alliance's first Match-Making Event took place on the 12th of September in Bern. We thank Stephan Haller from the Berner Fachhochschule to host us. It was great that 14 members of the Alliance with 18 representatives took the opportunity to present themselves: seven universities and six companies and one individual member. At the beginning of the event each participant presented a 3 minutes pitch of their competencies and challenges in their research or business area using posters and/or flipc...

Semantic Web Technology in Expert Group on “Software & Tools”

12. September 2018
Recently the Semantic Web has gained significant traction due to the Linked Data movement. In particular, governments around the globe publish data sets about various topics such as health, transportation, energy, etc. Moreover, the bioinformatics community uses Semantic Web technology to store and retrieve large amounts of data sets. Also ZHAW is actively using Semantic Web Technology as part of the Bio-SODA project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. In this expert group meeting ...

What kind of digitalization support do SMEs need?

05. September 2018
On August 29, Innosuisse assembled their experts, coaches, staff members and executives under the beautiful roof of CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation for the Innosuisse Plenary 2018. The topic of innovation was omnipresent and rightly framed in a broad fashion in the excellent keynotes by Maurice Lévy (on the creation and impact of the VivaTech exhibition & conference), Frédérick Bordry (on the mission, work and future of CERN) and William Hurley (on the history and future applicability...

Big Data: Visualisation & Enjeux, an event at the University of Fribourg

13. August 2018
On June 25, 2018 the event ‘Big Data: Visualisation & Enjeux’ was held at the University of Fribourg. The event was co-organized by Virtual Switzerland and the Swiss Alliance for Data-intensive Services. First the participants were welcomed by Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, who presented the activities of the eXascale infolab. Then Gundula Heinatz, Managing Director of the Alliance gave an overview of the activities of the Alliance and Laetitia Bochud, Head of Marketing of Virtual Switzerla...

Event of the Expert Group Data-Driven Business Models: Insights from business practitioners

30. July 2018
The event “Insights from Business Practices” that took place on Wednesday, July 18th 2018 was organized by the SDA-Expert Group "Data Driven Business Models", with academic lead Lorenz Stähle (HSG) and industrial lead Hans Peter Gränicher (D ONE). 25 experts participated in the event located in Au Premier (Hauptbahnhof Zürich). Dr. Jürgen Schwärzler of D ONE shared insights from his time in the Silicon Valley where he worked at Google, Netflix, and Uber. Main takeaway: the successful business m...

Recap of first "Spatial Data Analytics" Expert Group Meeting and a “Call for Participation”

16. July 2018
On June 27 there was another meeting of an expert group at HSR Rapperswil – a beautiful campus at the lakeside. It was the first meeting and a kind of kickoff of the newly established expert group on "Spatial Data Analytics". Eight attendees came from industry and the same amount of attendees came from academics. The actual number of experts has in fact grown quickly to 40 and more members. As in other disciplines, the main challenge in spatial analytics are practical applications. According to...

Service Lunch - Digital Twin – highlights

10. July 2018
We recently organized the Service Lunch "Digital Twin" event in Zurich. Christopher Ganz from ABB was talking about the digital twin. Digital twin is a buzzword that is broadly used in the context of digitalization. Not everything that is mentioned is feasible, and not everything that creates value is mentioned in the context of digital twin. In his talk, Christopher Ganz presented a concept that is currently being pursued by ABB. With the concept of a digital twin as a dig...

Expert Group "Blockchain in Supply Chain Management" meeting in June 2018 - highlights

03. July 2018
On Tuesday 26th of June, the Expert Group “Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management” held its 2nd meeting at the ZHAW premises in Zurich. The meeting’s main topic was to continue the rich exchange of ‘know-how’ and ‘lessons learnt’ from different blockchain projects conducted by the Expert Group’s participants. Two proof-of-concept presentations by ZHAW students initiated the meeting and revealed valuable insights and learnings from two different business applications of blockchain tech...

Expert Group "Predictive Maintenance" - highlights from the last meeting

27. June 2018
The 7th meeting for the Predictive Maintenance expert group took place at Baumer Management Services AG at their office location in Frauenfeld, and was a continuation on the topic of Sensors and their impact on predictive maintenance from the previous meeting. It started off with a presentation from Dr. Arrigo Beretta from Sulzer with the title “Opportunities and Challenges in Pump Monitoring” which covered their activities of predictive maintenance on pumps from sensor to assessment of the...

SDS|2018 - glimpses and highlights. What a great day!

12. June 2018
On 7th of June, we organised the 5th Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS) at Kursaal in Bern. What had started as a half day workshop in 2014 with less than a hundred participants and born out of the Datalab in InIT ZHAW, is now a day conference gathering around 400 people. The conference has been a flagship event of the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services (Data+Service Alliance), a Switzerland wide network of Data and Service scientists and professionals, for the past 2 years with a st...

Third Service Lunch by the Expert Group "Smart Services" on April 10, 2018

29. May 2018
The successful format of service lunches organized by the expert group "Smart services" was continued by the presentation about the topic "Servicetransformation realisieren mit Hilfe einer praxisorientierten Toolbox" (presentation in German). Adrienne Schäfer and Falko Eichen provided interesting insights in the relevance of service transformation in various industries. Many companies are trying to shift their business models towards servitization. However, this transformation is difficult if th...

Machine Learning Clinic goes Suisse Romande

15. May 2018
The 7th Machine Learning Clinic Expert Group meeting was held at the new ELCA Innovation Lab on the EPFL campus on May 3, 2018. We were hosted by Silvia Quarteroni, Senior Manager at ELCA in Lausanne (thanks a lot!). In her talk, Silvia discussed the main “hard nuts to crack” in applied machine learning in the context of ELCA’s customer projects and R&D: “Since we have a strong focus on natural language processing, many of our issues and opportunities concern subjec...

Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services participates at Forward2018

02. May 2018
On April 19, 2018, the Innovation Forum FORWARD was held at EPFL. About 900 participants from SMBs, large companies, academia and government organizations attended a rich set of keynote presentations, which focused on the on-going digital transformation of SMBs. Several success stories were shared, such as LauraStar, Ecole Moser, Sensile Technologie, JMNC Lutherie and SenseFly. EPFL presented its digital strategy and the new EPFL Extension School. Andre Kudelski and Nicola Thibaudeau presented t...

Event “Wertschöpfung durch Data Analytics: Erfahrungen aus der Praxis”

30. April 2018
On April 12th a joint event with the Data+Service Alliance was conducted in PwC’s Experience Center in Zurich. The Experience Center is a location which has been designed to foster creative thinking and to get a first-hand impression of digital innovations. More than 30 participants from Swiss corporations attended the event to learn how their organisations can generate value from data analytics.

Expert Group "Predictive Maintenance" meets - highlights of the discussion

23. March 2018
The Expert group seminary started with meeting on the demonstrator project. The initial idea of using the OTW-Headstock from BW-Tech was abandoned, however several ideas of new systems to use was discussed. Several requirement for a demonstrator such as possibility do simulate multiple failure/stress modes, being able to run it in building without specific requirement, being able to cover both mechanical and electrical failures. To put some momentum behind this project, a next meeting will take ...

Digitization & Innovation through cooperation. Glimpses from the Digitization & Innovation Workshop at “Konferenz Digitale Schweiz”

16. January 2018
Recently, the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services co-organised the “Digitization and Innovation” workshop at the national “Konferenz Digitale Schweiz”. At the heart if the conference, overall seven workshops took place to revise Switzerland’s future digital strategy by including the ideas of more than 500 invited stakeholders. It has been an immense honour for us to be asked together with CTI to contribute to what happened to be the best attended workshop of the conference (nearly 180 par...

Activity Data-based process optimization – A workshop at TRUMPF AG in Grüsch

28. August 2017
The Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services provides a significant contribution to make Switzerland an internationally recognized hub for data-driven value creation. To transfer this mission into industrial practice and measurable use LeanBi is, besides other enterprises, an early and active member of this coalition: LeanBI offers data analysis and data modelling workshops to support members in their concrete and daily data based operations and issues.  

Industry 4.0 Conference : Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

09. June 2017
Data+Service alliance is happy to be part of the “Industry 4.0 Conference”, organised by the Institute for Data Analysis and Process Design (IDP), ZHAW and Industrie2025. The conference will take place on the 6th of Sept. 2017 at the ZHAW campus at Winterthur. One of the focus areas of the Data+Service alliance is Industry 4.0 and it strives to bring the Swiss hardware industries on the same platform with the data and services industries so as to realise the vast innovation possibilities brough...

Data+Service Alliance - news highlights

10. May 2017
The Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services just completed its 1st quarter of operations. During this period, we are happy to say we accomplished a number of tasks, some with expected results, and in some with extraordinary results. This post will highlight some of those achievements and activities that our members would find interesting to note.

Expert Group "Data Ethics" : kick-off meeting on 4th April 2017

30. March 2017
The recently formed expert group “Data Ethics” is going to have its kick-off meeting on the 4th of April 2017 at Katholische Hochschulgemeinde aki, at Zürich. Issues such as data protection, workplace surveillance, or the potential consequences of future technologies require constant ethical reflection and stakeholder dialogue. This expert group will offer a forum to discuss ethical issues that matter to its members in their respective contexts, enabling them to develop concrete solutions for e...

Machine Learning Clinic Expert Group meeting on 6th April 2017, Zurich

28. March 2017
Data+Service is proud of its concept to reliably come up with innovations. We call it the “innovation funnel”: It is based on the belief that innovation happens when the right people with the right needs and ideas (and, yes, chemistry) meet and discuss; so we built a funnel of successively more concrete opportunities to meet, from broad and large conferences to smaller and more focused workshops – and finally expert groups. We assume that bringing together experts to discuss lessons learned as w...

Expert group “Data Integration, Governance and Sharing” - results of the first meeting

27. March 2017
The expert group “Data Integration, Governance and Sharing” kicked off on the 22nd of March 2017 at ZHAW campus in Zurich. The expert group focusses on finding and sharing solutions around trusted Data, tackling typical issues of data integration, data governance and data sharing. About 13 people participated in the meeting with an academic participation of about 25%, the rest were experts from Data+Service member-industries.

Laying the founding stones of the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services – role of ZHAW Datalab

21. March 2017
The Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services, (Data+Service in short), was recently mentioned in the “The Greater Zurich Area” blog-site highlighting its role in being the precursor of data-science network of innovators in Switzerland. Data+Service has its roots in the ZHAW Datalab which specialises in joining threads of the various topics of data-science, analysing and bringing them together to design innovative services for industries as well as for humans....

Expert Group "Data Integration, Governance & Sharing" kick-off meeting on 22.03.2017

20. March 2017
The newly formed expert group “Data Integration, Governance and Sharing” is going to have its kick-off meet on the 22nd of March 2017 at ZHAW Lagerstrasse campus inZürich. The expert group focusses on finding and sharing solutions around Trusted Data, tackling typical issues such as the following: Data integration: Lack of a joint data model that data experts understand..

Expert Group "Software & Tools" meeting on 31st March 2017

16. March 2017
The Expert Group of the Data+Service alliance, “Software & Tools”, is meeting on the 31st of March 2017 at ZHAW Lagerstrasse Zurich. The first meeting of the expert group was on January 20th 2017, where the group officially kicked-off and the activities were planned. Data Science has recently gained significant attention both in academia and industry. 

Workshop of the Expert Group "Services for Individuals“

04. November 2016
On Oct. 24, the expert group „Services for Individuals“ held a successful workshop at the iHomeLab in Lucerne. We were guided by our question „how to provide service value to individual users by systematically leveraging the benefits of data“. The workshop was started with five short expert inputs to the topics: - Systematic methodology for data product design

The New Patterns of Innovation

19. April 2016
Read this interesting article from the Harvard Business Review:  The search for new business ideas and new business models is hit-or-miss in most corporations, despite the extraordinary pressure on executives to grow their businesses. Management scholars have considered various reasons for this failure. One well-documented explanation: Managers who are skilled at executing clearly defined strategies are ill equipped for out-of-the-box thinking.