How to leverage data in the process of service innovation? How to make the innovation funnel converge faster and how to become more effective in the development of innovative services?

The expert group “Smart Services” sheds light on these questions by the paper entitled “End-to-End Methodological Approach for the Data-Driven Design of Customer-Centered Digital Services” by Jürg Meierhofer and Anne Herrmann. The presentation of the paper at the IESS 1.8 conference by Jürg Meierhofer aroused lively interest and triggered interesting discussions.

The collection, analysis, and interpretation of digital data has become an important factor for the provision of services. However, there is a lack of methodologies for using data analytics systematically in an end-to-end process for designing services. Therefore, in their paper, the authors develop a conceptual approach covering the innovation funnel from idea generation to market deployment. In particular, they describe how qualitative approaches alternate with quantitative approaches along the innovation process. They pay special attention to the design of data-driven value propositions including the analysis and modeling of the customer needs, a phase in which the concept of hidden needs and pains is applied. To conclude, they propose the development of a tool to support and industrialize the approach discussed in the paper.