On Monday June 29th 2020, the "Data Ethics” Expert Group meeting was held. The virtual meeting was dedicated to discussing the progress of the “Code of Ethics for data-based value creation” and planning the activities for 2021.

The Code of Ethics consists of the following documents: 1) Overview; 2) Basics; 3) Recommendations; 4) Implementation; 5) Context. All documents beside “Context” will be available in English, French, German and Italian. Translation and graphic design are ongoing; the case examples and the implementation document are in the process of being written. Publication of the whole package is planned for fall 2020.

Future topics has been suggested to focus on the issue of “Ethical challenges of AI in HR and recruiting”. Currently there are many discussions about this, and they are topics that interest many people. We agree that this may be an interesting topic for the Expert Group, and we can use the Ethical Code for analyzing the ethical challenges of AI technologies in this field. We decide to move forward and plan an event on this subject, showcasing currently available technology, and discussing the ethical questions in this field. We would like to have some interesting Keynote Speakers and possibly include startups to share their solutions.

We also had a discussion about a suggestion to start an activity around ethical issues of “using data for doing good in the COVID-19 pandemic”. Different options are conceivable, but a further discussion only makes sense if we have enough interested parties within the Data+Service Alliance. Michele Loi will send a call-for-participation email to all members of Data+Service to collect interest within the Alliance – depending on who will answer and who would like to contribute, the further steps will be defined.


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